Infraworks for Utilities

Utilities are in the unique position of having access to many different types of data from customer connections to tax parcels and topography of the area. The GIS of a utility can be of assistance in retrieving the data but displaying it for stakeholders to review can be an overwhelming task. Additionally, the pre-design process for a utility can be cumbersome when there are several different divisions involved  – if public works can’t see where the water and electric lines lie, how will they know what to tell capital planning to design?


Enter InfraWorks – the application that can consume various types of data and create a model that can be used for visualization of the current state of assets and pre-design conflict resolution for the utility. InfraWorks can serve as an in-house solution for the various model-design possibilities and can show various types of imported data, no matter if it is AutoCAD-based or not. Once a model is created, the utility or municipality can work with stakeholders to prevent conflicts and pre-plan complex projects. The modeling capabilities allow for design options to be displayed and presented and reworked designs can be executed in less time with less effort.


The InfraWorks PSO by Brockwell IT Consulting

Brockwell IT Consulting’s InfraWorks services are geared to get you up and running on the current InfraWorks application and create a pilot presentation that will allow for maximum knowledge transfer to the users. The packaged service offering can be geared to various sizes of organizations from the small county Co-op who wants to show their stakeholders the upcoming expansions to the investor-owned utility needing more in depth modeling for pre-design planning.


Brockwell IT Consulting packaged service offering includes:

  • Installation of product and configuration of available data
  • Data loading and conversion of legacy data sets
  • Delivery of a custom InfraWorks model
  • Onsite training for users
  • Creation of one pilot presentation for training purposes


Check out our InfraWorks page for more information: Autodesk InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360

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