Telecom Module for Fiber and Copper

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The Autodesk Fiber Telecom Module simplifies fiber asset management and design with AutoCAD Map 3D software. The goal of the Telecom Module is to create a display model to support the comprehensive management of Fiber and Copper telephone cables and equipment from the central office of the organization’s premises. The Telecom Module is provided as an add-on to Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D and has been developed to have the same look and feel as users expect from AutoCAD. The solution is easy to use and versatile for an end-to-end physical circuit from the central office to the premise equipment with full connectivity.


telecom module screen shot


Using technology from AutoCAD Map 3D, data for cables and equipment is stored in the applicable database. The user can create a display model to demonstrate and view the data and attributes according to drawing standards that are enforced by database rules.


telecom fiber cable circuit diagram

The Telecom Module has many features that make it a comprehensive solution for the management of Fiber and Copper cables and equipment and graphic display of the data available.


Features include:

  • Database editing,
  • Database generated graphics,
  • AutoCAD based solution,
  • Connectivity and Tracing,
  • Customizable Reports,
  • Auto Circuiting,
  • Configurable Equipment Database.


Reports can be configured to use existing material and inventory records. Additionally, links between customers and equipment can be maintained easily using the appropriate customer key. Cable and equipment naming can continue to follow existing standards.


The Telecom Module takes the information consuming features of AutoCAD Map 3D and applies them to fiber and copper asset management for the benefit of managing an organization’s telecom infrastructure. This creates a solution that provides a comprehensive GIS-based telecom solution for Fiber and Copper developed and supported by Brockwell IT Consulting and Autodesk. The Telecom Module provides a cost-effective solution and using reliable, off-the-shelf applications with a solution supported by industry experts and an experienced technical team backed by Autodesk.

To see a demonstration of the Telecom Module, please view the following videos:

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