Brockwell Mobile Technology

Brockwell Mobile Technology

Proposal: Automatic Synchronization for Mobile Field users
It is a given that the utility as a whole benefits the most accurate information being available on a real-time basis. But the reality of that is challenging for many utilities when they don’t have the right hardware in place or have a mix of technology. This can make the process of adding a mobile technology can seem secondary to existing problems.



The biggest benefit Brockwell Mobile Technology is that it allows for automatic sync through the use of automatic updates of field data.  This gives the field user a consistent view of the data and creates a single platform for all field data. The Brockwell Mobile Technology has the capability of operating when disconnected by using periodic updates when a signal is available.


The other significant, more budgetary-minded benefit is that the field client, database and synchronization capabilities rely on off-the-shelf technology. This can greatly reduce the stress of adding new technology to the utility architecture.


How It Works


Brockwell Mobile was created as a simple and cost-effective solution for small to midsize utilities to be able to implement a mobile solution easily. It works best when the utility is already using Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D and Oracle databases, but any type of platform can be worked with.


Field users will have access to their own local client database which will periodically sync with the internal or central server database. The sync framework creates a replicated client view on the local Oracle database for view on a local browser with Mobile MapGuide Viewer.

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When the field unit is in WiFi or is connected to 4G on the road, the sync framework will push updates and changes to the local client database. The sync sessions can be set up to sync with other data sources and bi-directional updates or “red-lines” can be pushed in either direction.


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