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The Accelerator Packaged Service Offerings provide customers with low-cost, low-risk, rapid implementations of Brockwell IT products and include services aimed to make significant improvements in a shorter amount of time for a moderate investment.


The Accelerator for Mobile Inspection is designed to implement SynCumulus, Brockwell IT’s web and mapping solution for use in field inspection. SynCumulus allows the user in the field to have a view of the assets on a mobile device and the ability to complete inspection forms that become part of that asset’s record in the GIS.


Here is a quick snapshot of the viewer within a browser window.



Some of SynCumulus’s features include:

Google Maps Integration

Base maps can be provided by Google, and street views and directions are integrated to show visual and test descriptions. Navigation within the map is easy with the simple icons located on the menus, and with the integration of Google Maps, users can find their location and get directions to the next inspection or to a particular feature.


Data Layers

The layers of data and imagery are published directly from the available data. Currently, this is integrated with the AutoCAD Map 3D display models and produces the same symbols and layers used in the application. In the future, we are looking to make the integration available with other GIS applications.


Mobile Inspection

SynCumulus will feature a list of assets for the Inspector, and the Inspector can enter the inspection data into simplified inspection forms. The Inspector can identify assets in the map that need to be removed or new assets in the field that are not on the map. Updates to the GIS are made via the synchronization architecture, and the Inspection Coordinator can review and promote the assets. Photos can be taken to add observation information to the record.


Search and Features

The search function allows for a search by Asset ID, which can retrieve the location of and directions to the desired asset. The feature’s properties are available to view upon searching for the asset, and the display allows the user to see asset information, including associated documents and previous inspections.


Because SynCumulus utilizes Microsoft Sync Framework, we have created our own components that bridge these world-class technologies. Employing these features allows users to work in a connected environment to create real-time updates to the GIS, or in a disconnected environment where synchronization can occur at any point when a connection is available.


Accelerator for Mobile Inspection

Brockwell IT Consulting’s Accelerator for Mobile Inspection works with your existing GIS to implement the  mobile application SynCumulus for users in the field. SynCumulus will be configured and installed to reflect the specific inspection records that are needed for the organization and be synchronized with your GIS.


Services Include:

  • Configuration of inspection forms and synchronization to GIS
  • Installation of SynCumulus desktop and mobile on up to 5 devices or workstations
  • Comprehensive onsite training for end-users and Admin users.
  • Post Implementation Support

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