Accelerator IM

The Accelerator Packaged Service Offerings provide customers with low-cost, low-risk, rapid implementations of Autodesk geospatial products. These offerings can set the stage for an enterprise wide deployment for electric, water, waste water and gas infrastructure. County and local governments can use the Accelerator series to make significant improvements to mapping, engineering and public service functions for a moderate investment.

Accelerator for AutoCAD Map 3D

Brockwell IT Consulting’s Accelerator IM works with your existing systems to create a pilot of Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D set up to manage the assets of the organization using the out-of -the box vertical modules for either Electric, Gas, Water or Wastewater. Configuration, data migration and integration with existing systems will be modeled and a a complete gap analysis provided.

The Map 3D Accelerator PSO provides customers with a running pilot of a complete Map 3D system including one license of AutoCAD Map 3D, Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server and Oracle deployed on customer hardware or on a pre-configured Map 3D appliance.

Services include:

  • On-site installation and configuration of one or more Map 3D vertical modules including Electric, Gas, Water, Waste Water
  • Comprehensive web-based and on-site end-user and administrator training
  • Data loading and conversion from legacy data sets such as DWG™
  • Configuration of long transactions
  • Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server implementation
  • Configuration of display styles to match existing CAD or GIS standards

Products for Accelerator IM:

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